Active Playgrounds CPD

Give lunchtime staff the knowledge and confidence to transform break times!

Nearly every school I have encountered over the past 10 years of working in Primary Schools has the same problem? Lunchtimes. 

From my experience issues arise when children are bored and staff don’t have the confidence or knowledge effectively engage with them. Often the issues raised above can be solved with a coach, but this isn’t a sustainable solution. If the premium is lowered, or even goes, then schools will unlikely be able to afford the luxury of having coaches at lunchtime. 

This is why we developed the Active Playgrounds CPD, it has 5 aims:

  • Ensure lunchtimes are sustainable in the long term 
  • Improve behaviour 
  • Increase lunchtime staff knowledge and confidence delivering activities 
  • Improve playground structure 
  • Use lunchtimes to meet active 30:30 

Included within the CPD is:

  • Pre-CPD health check and report
  • Full or half day CPD for lunchtime staff
  • Lunchtime games booklet
  • 3 follow up health checks

To find out more about how we can support your school through Active Playgrounds CPD, ring our office on 01274 866 827 or email

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