Dodgeball Tournament.

We have recently partnered with the Leeds based charity Zarach, their mission is to help families that are in crisis and one of the ways they do this is providing beds to children. This was all started by Bex Wilson who in 2017, whilst teaching an 11-year old boy, noticed he was scratching his tummy. He told her, he and his younger brother shared a cushion to sleep on. A cushion that had bed bugs which made his tummy itchy. They quickly realised that many children are going to sleep hungry and cold without a proper bed of their own. Poverty is a real problem that has a significant effect on a child’s education. By providing something to eat and a good night’s sleep, we hope to give every child an equal chance to learn and succeed at school. Currently Zarach have given out 350 Bed Bundles, they have 50 Partner Schools in their referral network and receive 8 Referrals each week.

I find it unbelievable that children in Leeds are currently going to sleep on the floor! What is more shocking is that if children don’t have a bed then they don’t have hot water, food, water and all the other amenities we take for granted. Zarach urgently need funds to help make a difference to children living in poverty within Leeds.  

After seeing a recent campaign we felt as though we had to help. £100 can buy a bed for one child so our aim for 2020 is to raise £10,000 to make a difference to 1000 children in Leeds. We are going to run fundraisers all through 2020, starting with our dodgeball tournament at Headingley Cricket Ground, we have been granted use of Yorkshires world class indoor facility! We are inviting Year 3 and 4 classes from schools all over Leeds to come and compete against each other for this great cause. All the money raised will be donated and hopefully by us all working together, we can make a difference no matter how small.

To enter the tournament we would require a donation of £50 to enter 1 team and £100 to enter 2 teams. This money added to donations from local/Yorkshire based companies we will meet our goal. To get involved please email, or call 01274866827

As a company we are taking part in a few fundraisers ourselves such as walking the Yorkshire 3 Peaks in April 2020, hopefully we can raise some money for Zarach. Our just giving page is:

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