We will produce 1 detailed report per term throughout the academic year which will outline any improvements in your school’s fitness and activity levels. Our reports will also highlight any areas for concern or children who are “at risk” and require further interventions to assist them with their fitness levels.

We set children in KS1, Lower KS2 and Upper KS2 different targets to achieve and a minimum time we believe they should be able to run for. This is the Base Line Measurement. If children pass this we consider them to be on track, children who fall way short of this time are considered at risk.

Example of our reports below…


Providing an overview of your school’s data including easy to view graphs giving you a visual picture of where your school is at.


Information on each child and how they performed during the assessment, along with a breakdown of the information below


Information on each child and how they compare to their classmates. We have also grouped children to highlight those who are at risk and seriously behind others in the class.