Every school that signs up for the programme
receives the following;

  1. 3 Assessment days per year analysing current fitness levels. Comparisons and analysis based on gender, age, pupil premium, attendance and behaviour. Reports and data will outline children who are on target, areas for concern and high achieving pupils.
  2. 3 workshops per year for every class / year group to discuss separate topics surrounding Health and Wellbeing.
  3. 3 x Parent workshops discussing topics surrounding Health and Wellbeing.
  4. Activity Audit producing an independent analysis of what is currently offered to children during the school day. We will provide an assessment of what is offered throughout your school and work to identify the barriers which exist and create ways to eliminate them.
  5. Support setting up programmes throughout school to ensure Healthy Futures is sustainable and manageable long after our workshop (PE Council, Sports Leaders, Clubs ect…)
  6. Lunchtime Staff CPD on how to increase activity levels at lunchtime. (3 hours split across the year).
  7. Monthly parent, teacher and children newsletters offering a range of resources aimed at further supporting our project.