How much Sugar?

Since 2004 Mental Health in young children has risen by 48%. Click here to read the article.

With the awareness of issues around Mental Health increasing all the time, it is often overlooked at how the day to day pressures can affect young people. It is also no coincidence that these stats are produced in a time when child obesity is at an all time high and inactivity at an all time low. 

Primary Sports UK have teamed up a number of Mental Health experts to design a series of interactive workshops suitable for children in Ks1 and KS2.


We have condensed one of our popular workshops – How much Sugar? – into an engaging 15 minute assembly. The assembly is open to all children from Year 1 to Year 6 and we talk through recommended sugar guidelines and show examples of how much sugar is in popular drinks.

To book your free assembly, or find out more about our workshops, please contact Tom on 01274 866 826 or email

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