Our CPD programme aims to up-skill your Lunchtime Staff to prevent the need of hiring a sports coach to lead activities and saving your school £1000’s in the process. Our CPD ensures your lunch time staff are equipped with the knowledge and confidence to lead sports and activities for all children.

What is included with the CPD;

  • 8 School Visits per year
  • 3 initial visits to set up programmes and make an immediate impact. This is followed by 1 visit per term to check up and provide further training.
  • Regular newsletters to all lunchtime staff discussing key topics around lunchtimes
  • Introduction to lunchtimes booklet for your school giving ideas and activities to begin with

CPD Topics;

  1. How best to utilise space of your playground?
  2. Play and activity rota 
  3. Designing and setting up activities for the whole school 
  4. Managing and running activities 
  5. Structured free-play 
  6. Managing behaviour during games 
  7. Utilising sports leaders and trusted pupils to manage games