Save £1000’s on Childcare!

Did you know? The average parent spends £4,550 per year on Childcare Costs!

I recently came across an article by the Yorkshire Evening Post that was first published March 2018. It was detailing the childcare costs for parents during the main school holidays (Summer, Easter and Christmas) and I couldn’t believe the cost!

According the the article, whose research was done by, the average parent spends £3,500 during Summer, Easter and Christmas holidays – an average of £350 per week.

Now, by comparison, a parent could use Primary Sports UK Camps and the total cost FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR (February, May and October too!) would be just £1,300!!

The total cost for a babysitter, day nursery or a childminder for the entire year would be around £4,550.

That is a total saving of £3250!!

Lets take a look at the additional value you receive too by attending a sports camp…

⭐️FUN: All of our camps are designed to be fun and engaging for children of all ages!

⭐️MEET NEW FRIENDS: Our unique buddy system ensures children are partnered up with someone of a similar age from the minute they arrive!

⭐️NEW EXPERIENCES: We offer a wide range of activities ranging from Football, Dance, Gymnastics, Rugby and Dodgeball to Fencing, Archery, Arts and Crafts, Karaoke and so much more!

⭐️LOTS OF VARIETY: During a typical day at camp children will be able to choose from 8 – 10 different sports and activities.

⭐️COACHING PROFESSIONALS: All of our coaches are experienced sports coaching professionals with appropriate first aid and safeguarding qualifications.

⭐️BREAKFAST CLUB: We provide a healthy breakfast before the camp starts along with some rise and shine activities.

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